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Paper House Productions began releasing the ColorWays Collections in 2015 and has now created eight different collections!  Our design team will be highlighting these over the next two weeks.  Each collection comes with a wide variety of scrapbook papers and varying embellishments. Here’s a look at all eight collections – click on the thumbnail to check out the entire collection in each color.

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We hope you enjoyed the Easter Blog last week!  We are back this week to begin a feature on our ColorWays Collections!  Angel joining you today and I wanted to share with you a layout made with the ColorWays Atlantis Collection featuring my sister and I. 

SisterSisters Layout Supply List

close up 1

I loved that 3D sticker pack  has the big sister sticker in it  and just knew I had to use it for this picture of us at my wedding. Just look at that cute sister sticker isn’t it perfect!?! And the roses in this sticker pack just matched the roses in my wedding. It was perfect!

Sister close 2

Here you can see the pretty rose sticker cluster. It has the perfect touch of glitter. You can also see a few sentiments that come from the same sticker sheet. These products are made for a perfect sister layout.

Check out any of the supplies from this project by clicking on the thumbnails below:

Atlantis Roman Column 12" Colorways Scrapbook Paper  Atlantis Edgings 12" Colorways Scrapbook Paper  Sisters 3D Sticker

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