Oh Snap!

Hi everyone! Melissa here with a mixed media card for Paper House. I enjoyed using the 3D stickers a lot because they’re so fun, beautiful, and colorful! They add a lot of dimension and visual interest to the page.

2016-05-18 12.43.11 oh snap big pic

Supplies Used:

2016-05-18 12.15.39 snap upper left

To make this card I cut a sheet of 12 x 12 watercolor paper in half, and folded it. I covered the front with gesso. While it was wet I applied narrow ripped up strips of paper,put more gesso on top,then dried it with a heat gun. I applied some texture paste with a stencil. I took my  water soluble oil pastels, and scribbled black around the margin, and different areas all over the card. I sprayed it with water and brushed the areas where the lines were, to soften them. I held the card upright and let the colors run all over.  The color settling into the edges around the strips is how the black lines got there. I dried the card after each color. I did the same with some scribbled on brown.  I painted on some of a sap green and brown  watercolor. You can put on as much color as you want, just avoid painting the paper strips because they will rip.

2016-05-18 12.16.36 snap upper right

The butterfly is a die cut made with white card stock. I painted it, then added some gesso, followed by yellow watercolors, I inked the edges with brown ink, and outlined the indented areas with a brown watercolor pencil. I softened the lines by brushing them with water.

2016-05-18 12.16.50  oh snap lower left

I used a yellow watercolor pencil on the right margin, and left them as is. I painted scattered areas with yellow watercolor paint. I decided the stickers needed some white around them. I dabbed on some gesso, dried it, then applied the stickers. I rubbed on some gold mica powder in different spots. Using both the pad and my fingers, I dabbed on some transference ink on the butterfly and the card.

2016-05-18 12.17.16  oh snap lower left

Thank you so much for looking, and I hope you find some scrappy time this week!

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