Mini Cards

Hello! Samantha here with you today. I find more and more lately that I want to spread a little happiness and kindness whenever I can. These mini cards are a wonderful way to do just that. Their small size makes them perfect for jotting down a quick note of encouragement or putting in a small gift card for a cup of coffee.

Supplies: Mommy Lhey Be Yourself 3D Sticker, Bloom Rose Garden Tags Double Sided Paper, Bloom Rose Garden Double Sided Paper

As you can see, the supply list for these cards is very simple, which makes this a set of cards that can be made in under 30 minutes!

I wanted to create something with these super cute Mommy Lhey Be Yourself 3D stickers. Besides having some wonderful words of encouragement, they have the cutest glittery ladies on them, so I decided that some mini cards would be the perfect way to use the 3D stickers. There’s so much texture to these stickers, that I decided to pair them with a bit of patterned paper and keep the rest of the design very simple.

These mini cards measure 3 x 4 (when folded), which means they’re big enough to hold a gift card if desired.

I paired the 3D stickers with paper from the Bloom collection. The Rose Garden paper makes a great base. The subtle rose patter makes a pretty background for the outside of the page, and the watercolor pink side allows you to write on the inside without having to layer on a piece of card stock.

I used tags cut from the Rose Garden Tags paper to add accent layers to the front of the cards. The smaller patterns found on the tags are perfect for these mini cards.

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The Adventure Begins Layout

Hello! Samantha here today with a different kind of adventure layout. I love to scrap the big and the small moments in life. This Adventure Begins Layout celebrates one of life’s super fun rights of passage: getting your driver’s license.

Supplies: Explore Your World Tags Double Sided Paper, Explore Your World Map Double Sided Paper, Explore Your World Passport Stamps Double Sided Paper, Discover USA 3D Stickers, Cameras Puffy Stickers, Travel Planner Stickers

My oldest recently turned 14. Where we live, at 14 you can get a moped license and you can get your learner’s permit. We live in a small town where you can get just about anywhere you want to go via moped, so they are very popular with the kids under 16. Getting a license is such a fun part of growing up. I wanted to capture a bit of the joy I feel watching all of this in a layout.

Even though Explore Your World is geared more towards world travel and big trips, it still translates over nicely to a layout about getting your license. Plus, I love the mix of blues, orange, and yellow in this collection. Those colors are perfect for guy layouts and are just a great color combo to work with.

To pull my whole theme together, I added some adventure themed tags from the Explore Your World Tag Double Sided Paper. I used embellishments from a number of different sources. Mixing planner stickers, puffy stickers, and 3D stickers add a lot of texture and dimension to a layout. The planner stickers also have silver foil, which really makes them pop.

What fun milestones do you have you been waiting to scrap?

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Autumn Cards

Hello! Samantha here with you. Fall is officially here, the temperatures are dropping (and so are the leaves), pumpkins are showing up everywhere, and combines are working overtime in my part of the world, so today I thought it would be the perfect time to share a pair of autumn cards.

Supplies: Autumn Woods Pumpkin Spice Double Sided Paper, Autumn Woods Woodland Friends Double Sided Paper, Autumn Woods Epoxy Stickers, Fall Leaves 3D Sticker, Birthday Faux Enamel Sticker

I wanted to create a set of autumn cards that featured Paper House’s gorgeous Fall Leaves 3D Stickers. The autumnal colors and gold foil accents make them the perfect focal point or accent for any fall themed card. I mixed the 3D Leaves Stickers with paper and embellishments from Paper House’s quintessential fall collection; Autumn Woods.

I made one card into a thank you card, primarily because I can never have (or send) enough thank you cards. The “so very grateful” greeting is a strip of paper directly from the Autumn Woods Woodland Friends double sided paper. I turned the second card into a birthday card with some help from a birthday faux enamel sticker. The gold foil of the enamel sticker pairs perfectly with the gold foiled 3D leaves. I layered the birthday greeting over a pumpkin that I cut from the same Autumn Woods Woodland Friends double sided paper that I cut the “so very grateful” greeting from. I happen to have a family member with an autumn birthday, so I already have plans for this fall themed birthday card.

Fall weather and cozy autumn cards are a perfect pair, and these cards are a fun way to send a personalized, handmade greetings.

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