Starry Planter

Happy Earth Day!! This year for Earth Day, I decided on planting some Herbs. Planting your own food helps reduce your carbon footprint even in just the smallest amounts. So, what do any good herbs need? Glad you asked, a pretty pot!! I am in love with our stargazer collection and thought what would be nicer then a pot decoupaged in some beautiful card stock and card stock stickers! Here is a picture of my final project ,this project is super easy and shouldn’t take you more then an hour to complete in a few basic steps.

To make your own you’ll need some basic supplies

  • Herbs and Dirt
  • Terra cotta pot and saucer
  • Water proof decoupage
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Acrylic paint of your choosing
  • Paint brush
  • Die cuts from your favorite card stock
  • Card stock stickers!
  • Sponge brush

First I painted the rim of my pot with chalkboard paint. I chose to do this so I could doodle or label my herbs if I wanted and I liked the contrast of the black paint with the blue I had selected.

Next I painted the rest of the pot and saucer with my acrylic paint and waited on it to dry.

After your paint has dried using a sponge brush and the decoupage glue the die-cuts and stickers around your pot. I chose to cut out stars but any shapes you want will work. You can also cut the paper in strips and cover the entire pot with it. Make sure to work out any bubbles that may appear under the paper.

With your design glued and dried onto the pot, use the sponge brush again and cover the entire pot except the rim in the water proof decoupage. This will ensure your design will last!!

Lastly after your pot has dried plant the herbs you have selected. I have an 8 inch pot here so I planted 2 herbs, basil and cilantro. With your plants in some soil make sure to give them plenty of sunlight and water. Enjoy!!