Anniversary Layout

Hello! Samantha here with an anniversary layout. My husband and I just celebrated 16 years of marriage. Like many people right now, this year’s celebration was pretty low key. That doesn’t mean we still shouldn’t take photos and document the occasion.

Supplies: Greenery Double Sided Paper, Beloved Double Sided Paper, Cherish Double Sided Paper, Our Anniversary 3D Sticker, This Is Us Our Family Mini Sticker Book, This Is Us Planner Girl Mini Sticker Book

Every year we take at least one photo on our anniversary. I scrap that photo, and those anniversary photos get their own book. I love the idea of being able to look back a us year by year. This year we got take out from a new taco place, I made a chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake, and we watched a movie with the dogs. The puppy was my anniversary present who we got just 6 days before our anniversary.

I built the entire layout around the Anniversary 3D stickers. I fell in love with them the first time I saw them and their beautiful pops of silver and gold foil. I decided that the subtle colors in Greenery would be the perfect paper to go with the Anniversary 3D stickers. I’ve been trying to get a bit creative with my journaling, so for this layout I journaled directly onto the layout and used 3D stickers to build a frame around the journaling. It was a simple but effective way to set off the journaling from the rest of the layout.

For some finishing touches, I added a few stickers from the This Is Us collection. I used stickers from both the Family Mini Sticker Book and Planner Girl Mini Sticker Book. I love how seamlessly the This Is Us line works with everything else Paper House has to offer.

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Mini Cards

Hello! Samantha here with you today. I find more and more lately that I want to spread a little happiness and kindness whenever I can. These mini cards are a wonderful way to do just that. Their small size makes them perfect for jotting down a quick note of encouragement or putting in a small gift card for a cup of coffee.

Supplies: Mommy Lhey Be Yourself 3D Sticker, Bloom Rose Garden Tags Double Sided Paper, Bloom Rose Garden Double Sided Paper

As you can see, the supply list for these cards is very simple, which makes this a set of cards that can be made in under 30 minutes!

I wanted to create something with these super cute Mommy Lhey Be Yourself 3D stickers. Besides having some wonderful words of encouragement, they have the cutest glittery ladies on them, so I decided that some mini cards would be the perfect way to use the 3D stickers. There’s so much texture to these stickers, that I decided to pair them with a bit of patterned paper and keep the rest of the design very simple.

These mini cards measure 3 x 4 (when folded), which means they’re big enough to hold a gift card if desired.

I paired the 3D stickers with paper from the Bloom collection. The Rose Garden paper makes a great base. The subtle rose patter makes a pretty background for the outside of the page, and the watercolor pink side allows you to write on the inside without having to layer on a piece of card stock.

I used tags cut from the Rose Garden Tags paper to add accent layers to the front of the cards. The smaller patterns found on the tags are perfect for these mini cards.

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The Adventure Begins Layout

Hello! Samantha here today with a different kind of adventure layout. I love to scrap the big and the small moments in life. This Adventure Begins Layout celebrates one of life’s super fun rights of passage: getting your driver’s license.

Supplies: Explore Your World Tags Double Sided Paper, Explore Your World Map Double Sided Paper, Explore Your World Passport Stamps Double Sided Paper, Discover USA 3D Stickers, Cameras Puffy Stickers, Travel Planner Stickers

My oldest recently turned 14. Where we live, at 14 you can get a moped license and you can get your learner’s permit. We live in a small town where you can get just about anywhere you want to go via moped, so they are very popular with the kids under 16. Getting a license is such a fun part of growing up. I wanted to capture a bit of the joy I feel watching all of this in a layout.

Even though Explore Your World is geared more towards world travel and big trips, it still translates over nicely to a layout about getting your license. Plus, I love the mix of blues, orange, and yellow in this collection. Those colors are perfect for guy layouts and are just a great color combo to work with.

To pull my whole theme together, I added some adventure themed tags from the Explore Your World Tag Double Sided Paper. I used embellishments from a number of different sources. Mixing planner stickers, puffy stickers, and 3D stickers add a lot of texture and dimension to a layout. The planner stickers also have silver foil, which really makes them pop.

What fun milestones do you have you been waiting to scrap?

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Autumn Cards

Hello! Samantha here with you. Fall is officially here, the temperatures are dropping (and so are the leaves), pumpkins are showing up everywhere, and combines are working overtime in my part of the world, so today I thought it would be the perfect time to share a pair of autumn cards.

Supplies: Autumn Woods Pumpkin Spice Double Sided Paper, Autumn Woods Woodland Friends Double Sided Paper, Autumn Woods Epoxy Stickers, Fall Leaves 3D Sticker, Birthday Faux Enamel Sticker

I wanted to create a set of autumn cards that featured Paper House’s gorgeous Fall Leaves 3D Stickers. The autumnal colors and gold foil accents make them the perfect focal point or accent for any fall themed card. I mixed the 3D Leaves Stickers with paper and embellishments from Paper House’s quintessential fall collection; Autumn Woods.

I made one card into a thank you card, primarily because I can never have (or send) enough thank you cards. The “so very grateful” greeting is a strip of paper directly from the Autumn Woods Woodland Friends double sided paper. I turned the second card into a birthday card with some help from a birthday faux enamel sticker. The gold foil of the enamel sticker pairs perfectly with the gold foiled 3D leaves. I layered the birthday greeting over a pumpkin that I cut from the same Autumn Woods Woodland Friends double sided paper that I cut the “so very grateful” greeting from. I happen to have a family member with an autumn birthday, so I already have plans for this fall themed birthday card.

Fall weather and cozy autumn cards are a perfect pair, and these cards are a fun way to send a personalized, handmade greetings.

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This Is Us Sticky Note Holders

Hello! Samantha here with you today. I don’t know why, but I just really love sticky notes. I especially love the new ones from Mommy Lhey that are part of the This Is Us line. I thought it might be fun to have them more readily available (in my purse, on my desk, sitting on my kitchen counter), so I made some cute This Is Us sticky note holders.

Supplies: This Is Us Just Be You Sticky Notes, This Is Us Just Be You Weekly Kit, This Is Us Be the Change Embellished Sticker, This Is Us Our Family Mini Sticker Book, Color Washed Paper Pad

These little sticky note holders were really easy and super fun to make. They’re also a great way to use up some of your paper odds and ends. I started by cutting each sticky note pad out. I left the pads connected to the cardboard backing that they come on and just trimmed around each notepad. Leaving the cardboard backing makes the pads a little more durable.

There are a lot of Paper House papers that will coordinate with the sticky notes. I used all Color Washed paper for this project, but collections like Marbelous, Sundrenched, and Flamingo would all work really well, too.

Once I had my paper picked out, I trimmed it down to the size of the specific sticky note pad I was going to use it with. I scored about a 3/16″ wide edge to create a book edge for the pad. You can make these sticky note holders so they are top or side opening. I did a mix of both.


Finally, I used stickers from the This Is Us line to embellish the outside of my books. I used a mix of flat stickers and 3D stickers, but kept the outsides simple. I will be using these, and they will get a bit beat up in the process, so I didn’t want to get too fancy.

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Harry Potter Birthday Layout

Hello! Samantha here with you today. I’m back at it with more Harry Potter scrapbooking. It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a Potter fanatic, so I love finding new ways to combine papers and stickers from the Harry Potter collection to create something magical like this Harry Potter birthday layout.

Supplies: Marbelous 12″ Paper Pad, Harry Potter Icons Foil Paper, Harry Patter Chibi Washi Tape Set, Harry Potter Chibi 3D Sticker, Harry Potter Chibi Faux Enamel Stickers, Birthday 3D Stickers

Every year my husband and I make my kids’ birthday cakes. We’re by no means professional, but we always have a fun time trying to make something to fit the theme they request. For my oldest son’s 11th birthday, he requested a Harry Potter cake. Of course, I was super excited about the request! I usually make the cake and whip up the frosting, and my husband does the detail/drawing work. I loved how this Harry Potter cake turned out, and so did our son!

I like to mix, match, and layer multiple patterned papers when creating a layout. I loved the Chibi themed Harry Potter Icon paper for this layout. The Chibis just seem to fit a kid’s birthday theme. For more patterned paper to layer with the Chibi paper, I reached for my Marbelous paper pad. The greens, blues, and golds in Marbelous pair beautifully with the Harry Potter collection.

I had lots of Harry Potter embellishments to chose from. My new favorites are the Chibi 3D stickers. They have foil, and glitter, and are just so stinking cute. I also used some Chibi faux enamels, washi tape, and a birthday themed 3D stickers.

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Harry Potter Washi Cards

Hello! Samantha here with you. Today I have a trio of Harry Potter washi cards to share. While I’m focusing on Harry Potter today (because I love all things Harry Potter), you could easily recreate these cards with any of Paper House’s amazing washi tapes.

Supplies: Harry Potter Chibi Scenes Washi Tape Set, Harry Patter Chibi Washi Tape Set, Harry Potter House Crests Washi Tape Set, Harry Potter Quidditch Washi Tape Set, Harry Potter House Crests Faux Enamel Stickers, Harry Potter Cardstock Stickers, Harry Potter Chibi 3D Sticker

If you’ve ever looked at a set of washi tape and wished it could be patterned paper, this is your chance! The house crest card was the first card I thought of with the Harry Potter Washi. Paired with the House Crest Faux Enamel stickers, you have quite a stunning card. The best part about this card is that you can customize it to the recipient’s Hogwarts House. I made this one for a Ravenclaw. I also added a little sorting hat detail in the upper left hand corner.

For this second card, I also striped the washi tape at a diagonal, but instead of two different washi tapes (like the house crest card) I used four. Honestly, I couldn’t decide whether I should use the Harry Potter Chibi Scenes Washi Tape Set or the Harry Patter Chibi Washi Tape Set, so I decided to just use both. I love the final result. For the embellishment on this card, I used a cardstock sticker.

For this last card, I used the Harry Potter Quidditch washi tape set to create a horizontal stripe pattern. Photos don’t do this card justice. The gold foil on the black quidditch washi really pops in person. For the embellishment on this card I used a Harry Potter Chibi 3D sticker.

I chose a variety of different types of embellishments so you could see that everything from cardstock stickers, to faux enamels, to 3D stickers will all work on washi tape cards.

I can’t wait to mail these out to some Harry Potter loving friends!

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Mother’s Day Cards

Hello! Samantha here today. Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so I created a couple of Mother’s Day cards to share and hopefully inspire you.

Supplies: Full Bloom Double Sided Paper, Rose Garden Tags Double Sided Paper, Narhwal Faux Enamel Sticker, Mommy Lhey Blush Washi Tape Set, Carole Shiber Hand-Painted Honeybees Washi Tape Set, Inspirational Sticker Book

I’m loving these new Bloom papers. They are so very pretty with lovely floral outlines, and also extremely versatile. I love looking through Paper House’s other offerings of stickers, planner accessories, and washi tapes to find ways to embellish this collection. Depending on what you choose to use, the papers can take on a completely different feel. For example, in the card above I used black and gold washi tape. The addition of black on the card changes the whole mood of the card and makes it a bit more sophisticated.

For the card above, I focused on gold foil accents. I used some floral faux enamel stickers. I am a huge fan of the faux enamel stickers. They always add a special touch to any project, and they are flat enough to be used as an embellishment on a card and still be able to be mailed with standard postage. I also added some washi tape that has gold foil accents on it. The floral print washi from the Mommy Lhey Blush washi set has some gorgeous pops of gold throughout. Choosing floral embellishments to accent this card gives it a softer feel than the previous card.

I love creating handmade cards for Mother’s Day. Nothing sends love quite like a card you took the time to create with that specific person in mind. Whether your celebrating someone or being celebrated this Mother’s Day, I hope you have a wonderful one!

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Not Paris Layout

Hello! Samantha here today with something a little different. Usually we scrap the joys, the milestones, and the happy memories we make. Today, however, I have a not Paris layout that’s about a disappointment and memories that didn’t get made.

Supplies: Love Always Double Sided Paper, Full Bloom Double Sided Paper, Rose Garden Tags Double Sided Paper, Rose Garden Double Sided Paper, Paris Keepsake Frame, Paris Faux Enamel Stickers

First, let me give you the backstory on this page. My niece is a high school senior. Her mom wanted to take her on a trip before she goes off to college. Her older brother picked a fishing trip in Canada, my niece decided she really wanted to go to Europe. My sister-in-law figured out how they could go to Paris and London over spring break. I was super excited for them, and even more excited when they invited me to come along. We spent a lot of time planning…and then COVID-19 canceled our trip (and the 4th quarter of my niece’s senior year). We are thankful to be healthy, but needless to say, we are disappointed. To ease a little of our disappointment we got together on the day we were supposed to leave for Paris and had wine and macarons to mark the day (we are not under a stay at home order in our state and live just houses away from each other).

Life is often messy and beautiful at the same time. I thought the gorgeous colors and flowers of Paper House Bloom papers would be perfect for my photo and journaling. I had already picked up that super fun Paris Keepsake Frame and the Paris Faux Enamel stickers in anticipation of our trip. I loved being able to use them anyway. The faux enamel macaron stickers couldn’t be more perfect.

If you haven’t used any of Paper House’s Keepsake Frames, add one to your next order! They are a fun mix of textures (the Paris one I used has glitter, foil, and rhinestones) and make the perfect focal point for your layout. They make a layout come together so quickly, too! Just grab a frame, a few coordinating papers and maybe an extra sticker or two.

If you need to get your hands on some of these gorgeous bloom papers, be sure to use code PH20SAMANTHA to get 20% off your entire purchase at Paper House.

Botanical Layout

Hello! Samantha here today with a botanical layout using some of the new greenery papers. If you haven’t fallen in love with these papers yet, just take a peek at these gorgeous prints!

Supplies: Cherish Double Sided Paper, Greenery Double Sided Paper, Adventure at Heart 3D Stickers, Drinks Faux Enamel Stickers, Cameras Puffy Sticker, Paper House ColorWays Stickers

I am so ready for spring and everything that feels like spring. These greenery papers are so pretty and right on trend with their lovely botanical prints and soft floral themes. I feel like these patterns are so versatile, too. I have plans to make some wedding cards with it, they’re great for spring photos, and my layout today showcases them as a travel layout.

My photos are from a brew house that my husband and I visited while on vacation in Germany. The weather was gorgeous so we enjoyed our beer and dessert outside. The soft blues and green botanical prints seemed like the perfect background for highlighting these spring, outdoor photos.

I never seem to have enough journaling cards. One way to make cards that fit the theme of your layout is to add stickers to a piece of grid paper or plain card stock. For this journaling card I used one of Paper House’s faux enamel stickers. Faux enamel stickers are one of my very favorite embellishments. They pack a lot of bang for your buck. The gold foil on these stickers make them look especially rich and make any project look fancy.

For a bit more texture, I added some 3D stickers and some puffy stickers to the layout. The 3D stickers have some gold foiling that matches the faux enamel stickers and a bit of glitter for some extra sparkle.

If you need to get your hands on some of these gorgeous greenery papers, be sure to use code PH20SAMANTHA to get 20% off your entire purchase at Paper House.