Peace on Earth Scrapbook Layout

Hi everyone! Melissa here with a 12 x 12 mixed media page. I have used some beautiful Christmas papers to surround an old photo of my husband and niece. She’s hitting him over the head with a foam bat. He’s pretending to be in pain, hahaha!  You can see my father-in-law in the background.


Supplies Used:


To make this page I put the photo on white cardstock, added layers of Paper House paper, and finally a piece of foam core board. I sponged on gesso, stenciled on texture paste, and poured on crackle paint.  I let the crackle dry overnight.


I added gauze and gesso around the photo, then layered on glass glitter and mica flakes. I coated it all with more gesso, then started painting. I used a few shades of green and brown watercolors and mists.


I put on some flowers, a few painted die cut leaves, metal, bling, green micro beads, and pearls. I made the dark edges on the layers under the photos with a watercolor pencil.


You can see I used gold mica powder underneath the photo.  Whenever I used paint or heat to dry things, I protected the photo with a piece of paper.

Thanks so much for looking, and have a great week!



Hi everyone, Melissa here with a Christmas page. The papers,the amazing and fun Snow Globe 3D Shimmer, and stickers I’ve used meshed together wonderfully here. This is a photo of my son taken a long time ago, it brings back a lot of memories!


Supplies Used:


To make this page I put foam core board underneath the photo and the watercolor paper, to give some dimension. I placed the Snow Globe in the corner.  I put cheesecloth on with some heavy gesso, dried it, and painted with different colors of mists. I rubbed gold mica powder on the surface.


I created extra texture with flowers, leaves, metal pieces, moss, feathers, and other things.


The sparkly fibers are twinkle holographic trim, and the gold mesh stuff is the wrapping from some flowers I got.


This was a really fun page to make! Thanks for looking, and have a great week.

Old World Flipbook Album

Hi everyone, Melissa here with an Old World flipbook album by Paper House.  This was a lot of fun to do, it brought back the most wonderful memories of our trip of a lifetime. I  went to England along with several members of my family – It was wonderful seeing so many thrilling sites!

Supplies Used:

To make this album I started by painting on gauze and watercolor paper, then including them in the album with photos and stickers. These kinds of albums are one of my favorite off the page items to make. I love to embellish them with a variety of things: tags with ribbons through eyelets,  chipboard, metal pieces, and of course the photos.

Here are some of the mixed media items I added, they remind me of the ocean,which I thought fit well with a lot of the photos in the album:


I started with heavy gesso and then added gauze. Next up was more gesso, texture paste, micro beads, gesso, then watercolors. I used a heat gun before and after the paint layers.







Thanks for looking,and have a great day!


Merry Christmas

Here’s a page featuring the new Snowflake 3D Shimmer, it lights up at the touch of a button!  I have also used some gorgeous Christmas papers, and various stickers. The sweater stickers, red glittered paper, and adorable gingerbread men really made me smile, and made me think of all the wonderful Christmastimes I’ve had with family.  The photo is of my son sledding on Long Island, New York, during a visit there. There’s not a lot of snow where I live now in Houston, so this was a pretty exciting day for everyone!


Supplies Used:


To make this layout I put a piece of foam core board underneath the photo with to give it some dimension. This also leaves space to tuck flowers and things into. I put the 3D Shimmer snowflake on, then the acetate snowflakes, Gingerbread, and Ugly Sweater Stickers.


To create more texture I applied gesso, gold lace, antique glass glitter, microbeads, a reindeer die cut, flowers, leaves, a chain, and charms. I rubbed on pearl mica powder on top of the gesso, and gold mica powder on the edges of almost everything.


I painted some areas with cobalt blue water color, and used aqua and bark colored watercolor pencil in others. I used a frost spray on a piece of memory glass, you can see it to the right of the photo.


Thank you so much for looking, and have a great week!


Do you love color? I do, and here’s a page that I think shows it. I used the beautiful Door to Atlantis Colorways paper from Paper House as my background. I love how the blue paper not only frames and highlights the page, but also creates a soft, peaceful mood.


Supplies Used:


To make this layout I sponged on gesso in order to prepare the background for the paint and textures I planned to use. I put the photo on watercolor paper with some foam core board in between to add dimension. I applied texture paste with three different stencils. I brushed on a layer of watercolors, then randomly dabbed on gold mica powder with my finger. I added more paint, and penciled in some areas with watercolor pencils. I glued on micro beads with glossy accents, and dabbed on another layer of gold mica.


I drew out some of the colors and details of the photo onto the paper behind it, and also used a blue butterfly to add visual interest. I tried to restrain myself from adding more items to the page, there was already a lot of detail in the photo.


I love the shimmery Gatsby Accent Pack pieces!


I used glass glitter, tulle,and a stamped peacock image, for more texture. Thanks for looking, and have a great day!

Just Breathe

For the next two weeks we will be featuring Designer’s Favorites – We asked each design team member to showcase their favorite Paper House Productions products in a project.  Melissa is kicking things off with this beautiful piece featuring her favorite: Orchid ColorWays.


Hi everyone! Melissa here with a card that uses a stunningly realistic photo of lavender by   Paper House. Purple is one of my favorite colors, and I love both the appearance and         fragrance of these little beauties.


Supplies Used:


To make this card I surrounded the flower image with a layer of gesso, and then glued on tulle, glitter, microbeads, pearls, rhinestones, glitter, sequins and some small pieces from the Gatsby Accent Pack. I put some gesso on the texture in random areas. I brushed on metallic paint, a mix of mica powder and water, and oil pastels, on top of the gesso.


  I think it’s cool how the background paper looks like canvas.


Thank you so much for looking, and have a great day!



Peacock Feather

Happy Labor Day Paper House Fans!  Melissa joining you today with an art journal page for you, using a stunning photo from the Emerald Colorways Collection. Check out the shimmering, iridescent colors of the peacock feather! It inspired me to frame it with blues, greens, and lots of shine.

2016-08-29 15.01.49 peacock big pic with watermark

Supplies Used:

2016-08-29 15.02.25 peacock upper right  with watermark

To make this page I used a 9 x 12 watercolor paper art journal.  I started by applying texture paste through a stencil. I splattered on layers of teal, purple, and gold with a brush, drying after each layer. I repeated this two more times, then misted with water.  I sponged on gesso randomly because the page seemed too busy. I applied a lot of things to create more texture: micro-beads, seed beads, glass glitter, glitter glue, rhinestones, pearls, thread, mica flakes, and sequins.

2016-08-29 15.02.37 peacock lower right with watermark

I dry brushed gesso over the top of most of the elements, and then painted with a teal color. I outlined the photo with watercolor pencil.

2016-08-29 15.02.47 peacock lower left with watermark

Thank you so much for looking, and have a great week!

The Wizard of Oz

Hi everyone! Melissa here with a page  featuring the beautiful new Wizard of Oz line! The images and colors used on the paper are inspirational, and fun to work with!

2016-08-24 15.07.34 The Wiz, big pic

Supplies Used:

2016-08-24 15.08.23 oz upper left

To make this page I put the image onto watercolor paper, and gave it some dimension on the page by putting a piece of foam core board underneath it. I put on some texture paste with a stencil. Using crackle medium I glued on a strip of gauze around the picture.  To make a surface  to paint on, I covered the gauze with gesso, and sprinkled on gold micro beads.

2016-08-24 15.08.36  oz upper right

 I applied blue watercolor, then blue water soluble oil pastel. I also added different shades of mica flakes, blue pearls, rhinestones, tulle, and beads, to add more texture.

2016-08-24 15.08.51  lower right oz

 In random areas I rubbed on gold and pearl colored mica powder, and clear crackle texture paste.  I drew around some of the texture paste with a black watercolor pencil, and softened the lines with water. I applied black water color all around the image to try and get the crackle lines and other textures more visible.

 2016-08-24 15.09.04  oz lower left

Thank you so much for taking a look, and have a great day!


Hi Paper House fans! Melissa joining you today with a project highlighting our puffy stickers! These bird and flower puffy stickers would be beautiful additions to many types of projects. The flowers are so realistic and fresh, and the the birds are wonderfully cute.  I’ve used a photo of my son’s girlfriend,and surrounded her with nature’s beauty.

2016-08-17 16.07.17 aron big pic

Supplies Used:

2016-08-17 16.07.36  Aron upper left

To make this page I used 12 x 12 watercolor paper, I wanted a very neutral background so that the stickers would be the focus of the page.  I cut up another piece of the same type of paper, and to create dimension, arranged it with foam core board in between some of the layers.

2016-08-17 16.08.18  Aron top right

I took a stencil and applied some texture paste.

2016-08-17 16.08.28  Bottom right , Aron

I put pressed flowers under most of the birds.

2016-08-17 16.08.38  Aron bottom left

I added a variety of things to add texture, including gauze, microbeads, sequins, feathers, mica flakes, glass glitter, and rhinestones.  I used a paintbrush to apply watercolors, and gesso as well.

Thank you so much for looking today and have a wonderful week!


Autumn Page

Here’s an autumn page for you that I made using papers and stickers from  the beautiful, adorable new line, Autumn Woods. I think this photo of my son fit the theme well, it was taken at a local state park, named Armand Bayou.

2016-08-02 12.36.40 Nick big pic

Supplies Used:

Papers and stickers from the Autumn Woods Collection

2016-08-02 12.32.37  Nick upper left

To make this page I created dimension by attaching foam core board underneath both the photo,and the mat paper underneath it. I used a stencil and texture paste and put the branch on, painted it with water and gold mica powder, and applied brown watercolor over it.  I used tan acrylic paint on different areas of the page. I love the fox and raccoon, they add so much visual interest.

2016-08-02 12.33.00 upper right Nick

I distressed all the edges of the paper, and painted them with gold mica powder and water, then brown watercolor. I also ripped the page and added another layer underneath it.

2016-08-02 12.33.27  Nick bottom right

I used a few pressed wildflowers from an adjacent park, to create texture.

2016-08-02 12.33.43  Nick bottom left

Last up I die cut some leaves, and painted them with watercolors. Thanks for looking, and have a great week!