Mini Cards

Hello! Samantha here with you today. I find more and more lately that I want to spread a little happiness and kindness whenever I can. These mini cards are a wonderful way to do just that. Their small size makes them perfect for jotting down a quick note of encouragement or putting in a small gift card for a cup of coffee.

Supplies: Mommy Lhey Be Yourself 3D Sticker, Bloom Rose Garden Tags Double Sided Paper, Bloom Rose Garden Double Sided Paper

As you can see, the supply list for these cards is very simple, which makes this a set of cards that can be made in under 30 minutes!

I wanted to create something with these super cute Mommy Lhey Be Yourself 3D stickers. Besides having some wonderful words of encouragement, they have the cutest glittery ladies on them, so I decided that some mini cards would be the perfect way to use the 3D stickers. There’s so much texture to these stickers, that I decided to pair them with a bit of patterned paper and keep the rest of the design very simple.

These mini cards measure 3 x 4 (when folded), which means they’re big enough to hold a gift card if desired.

I paired the 3D stickers with paper from the Bloom collection. The Rose Garden paper makes a great base. The subtle rose patter makes a pretty background for the outside of the page, and the watercolor pink side allows you to write on the inside without having to layer on a piece of card stock.

I used tags cut from the Rose Garden Tags paper to add accent layers to the front of the cards. The smaller patterns found on the tags are perfect for these mini cards.

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This Is Us Sticky Note Holders

Hello! Samantha here with you today. I don’t know why, but I just really love sticky notes. I especially love the new ones from Mommy Lhey that are part of the This Is Us line. I thought it might be fun to have them more readily available (in my purse, on my desk, sitting on my kitchen counter), so I made some cute This Is Us sticky note holders.

Supplies: This Is Us Just Be You Sticky Notes, This Is Us Just Be You Weekly Kit, This Is Us Be the Change Embellished Sticker, This Is Us Our Family Mini Sticker Book, Color Washed Paper Pad

These little sticky note holders were really easy and super fun to make. They’re also a great way to use up some of your paper odds and ends. I started by cutting each sticky note pad out. I left the pads connected to the cardboard backing that they come on and just trimmed around each notepad. Leaving the cardboard backing makes the pads a little more durable.

There are a lot of Paper House papers that will coordinate with the sticky notes. I used all Color Washed paper for this project, but collections like Marbelous, Sundrenched, and Flamingo would all work really well, too.

Once I had my paper picked out, I trimmed it down to the size of the specific sticky note pad I was going to use it with. I scored about a 3/16″ wide edge to create a book edge for the pad. You can make these sticky note holders so they are top or side opening. I did a mix of both.


Finally, I used stickers from the This Is Us line to embellish the outside of my books. I used a mix of flat stickers and 3D stickers, but kept the outsides simple. I will be using these, and they will get a bit beat up in the process, so I didn’t want to get too fancy.

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Better With You Bloom Layout

Hello! Samantha here with you today. I’m feeling all the pink and flowers, so I’ve got a bloom layout to share featuring my adorable niece’s school photo.

Supplies: Love Always Double Sided Paper, Full Bloom Double Sided Paper, Rose Garden Tags Double Sided Paper, Rose Garden Double Sided Paper, Narwhal Faux Enamel Sticker, Paris Faux Enamel Sticker, Mommy Lhey Blush Washi Tape Set

First, I’ve got to say that I love that this is my niece’s school photo. I wish my kids’ school photos looked this good. I’m lucky if they don’t look like they’re being tortured, and all they use is the standard blue backdrop. This photo was too fun not to scrap.

Paper House Bloom papers are the perfect fit for this photo. The floral patterns and multiple shades of pink and coral create a soft and cheerful background for this photo.

I’m not sure if you can see it, but my niece is wearing shoes with unicorns on them in the picture. I had to make sure I used some unicorn embellishments to go with her shoes. The unicorn sticker and the flowers from the Narwhal Faux Enamel Sticker sheet matched perfectly with the Bloom papers and the photo!

To tie in a bit of the gray from the photo, I added some Mommy Lhey Blush washi tape. The washi tape also has gold foil on it, which is a nice way to pull all the embellishments together since the faux enamel stickers are also gold foiled.

For the title, I just used the year that the photo was taken. In place of journaling, I used a journaling card from the Rose Garden Tags patterned paper. This is one pretty school photo!

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Memory Keeping in a Planner!

Natalie here with you today! I’m using my new Mommy Lhey planner to memory keep with photos!

Here’s the month of July at a glance with small photos covering some days, combined with patterned paper and stickers.

I used the Summer planner sticker kit to add some festive goodness to my Independence day/week spread! I printed my photos 6×1.75ish to fit in the daily blanks.

For the days without photos, I journal or use patterned paper and stickers. This is a great way to use up those 6×6 paper pads, they’re the perfect size to slice into the daily columns.

I have started ensuring that I take photos that will easily be cropped into this size! It’s a fun, visual reminder of our everyday life that otherwise wouldn’t make it into the scrapbook.

The Mommy Lhey planner has some fabulous stickers in the back, to include months for easy tabbing.

I kept some of the spreads simple, but adding a few of the Lhey labels and stickers help add interest.

I busted into the Tropical June Sticker kit for this spread – I love some of the clear stickers!

Using stamps in the same color scheme is a good way to add subtle uniqueness to your spreads.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with my August monthly spread! I love how colorful it turned out. These planners lend so well to almost any color scheme you’d like!

Using die cuts is another way to create some unique spreads in your memory planner. I hope I’ve inspired you to use your planner in a different way today!

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