Removable Sticky Note Dashboard with Xyron

Katie King CircleHello Everyone! Like most people who have planners, I love sticky notes! To be honest, I have always loved sticky notes and have used them in my planners for years. However, until recently, I had never heard of a sticky note dashboard (crazy, I know). Since my planner has a spine that can’t be opened, adding a ‘’pre-made’’ sticky dashboard is sort-of out of the question. So, I decided to make my own and that is what I will be showing you today!

Today, I am going to show you how to make a Removable Sticky Note Dashboard using Xyron! If you are unfamiliar with Xyron they are a company that creates products to enhance and protect your handmade creations. Some of the products that they are best known for are their sticker makers, creative stations, and tape runners. In today’s project, I will be using their tape runner.

This particular sticky note dashboard that I am creating, was designed to go into my Paper House Productions 18-Month Stargazer Planner. Like every Paper House planner, the 18-Month Stargazer Planner is beautifully put together and includes a variety of things. For example, quotes, pockets, several different places to take notes, stickers, etc. Also, if are not a fan of the ”galaxy look”, Paper House has a bunch of planner options ranging from florals to Wonder Women!

Removable Sticky Note Dashboard with Xyron

To create your own Removable Sticky Note Dashboard, you would do the following:

Step 1

Step 1: Cut a piece of scrapbooking paper that fits on the inside of your planner. If you are using the 18-Month Stargazer Planner you will want to cut a piece of paper that is 6 ½ inches wide by 9 inches tall. The paper I used for my planner came from the Color Washed 12’’ Paper Pad.

Step 2

Step 2: Grab all of your sticky note pads and lay them out onto your piece of scrapbooking paper. Once you are happy with the layout, flip each sticky note pad over and apply some adhesive to the back using your Xyron Tape Runner. Then press your sticky note pads into place.

Note: If you are wanting to use a big sticky note pad (like the blue pad in the corner) you will want to remove half of the sticky notes from the pad, so the sticky note dashboard doesn’t add more bulk to your planner.

Step 3

Step 3: Lay your sticky note dashboard onto a planner page that you don’t mind covering up. Then grab a piece of washi tape (I’m using the wide tape from the Stargazer Washi Tape Set) and apply half of it the top of the sticky note dashboard, then fold over the half of the washi tape onto your planner page.

To further decorate your sticky note dashboard, you can apply more washi tape around your sticky notes. For my sticky note dashboard, I used the thin gold tape from the Wine Washi Tape Set to outline my sticky notes.

Once you are happy with how your sticky note dashboard looks, you are ready to start using it!

Removable Sticky Note Dashboard with Xyron 1

Removable Sticky Note Dashboard with Xyron 2

I love how this removable sticky note dashboard turned out! Using the Xyron Tape Runner really made the whole process go by very quickly. In terms of time, I had this dashboard created within 30 minutes. It probably should have taken me less time than that, but I kept changing the layout of my sticky notes!

Speaking of sticky notes, you may have noticed that I decorated my sticky notes. To do this I used the Stargazer Faux Enamel Sticker and Stargazer Life Organized Micro Stickers, which match back to the 18-Month Stargazer Planner. This is totally optional, but I thought it made the sticky notes look a little cuter.

Removable Sticky Note Dashbaord Supply List: Color Washed 12″ Paper Pad, Xyron Tape Runner,  Stargazer Washi Tape Set, Wine Washi Tape Set, Stargazer Faux Enamel Sticker,

Thank you so much for stopping by today and for taking the time to read my project post for Paper House Productions!

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Happy Crafting!

Travelers notebook layout featuring Xyron

Heather Little Circle (1)


Hello friends! Heather here with a traveler’s notebook layout for you! I am going to be using the unicorn insert for pictures of myself! So I used photos that I took on snap chat.fullsizeoutput_1895

Along with the Traveler’s Notebook I used the Color Washed collection, a Xyron tape runner and the Xyron 3inch sticker maker. These products work so well together and I loved using them!


I used some of the Color Washed cut aparts in the 12×12 paper pad to help embellish the layout. I also used some of the stickers from the cardstock stickers. I love how fast layouts come together using the traveler’s notebook! If you do not have much time to create, but you want to create something, a traveler’s notebook is perfect for you! I hoe you all will head over to my Youtube channel to check out my process video of how I created this layout! Thank you so much for stopping by today!



Supplies Used: color washed paper pad, Color washed Stickers, Travelers notebook, Floral Stickers

Easy Memory Keeping Spread in a Traveler’s Notebook

Caitlyn Storm Circle Hey, everyone! Caitlyn back up on the blog today! Today I’m going to show you how easy it is to put together a memory keeping spread in Paper House’s new Journey Books!

It’s no secret that I love memory keeping, but sometimes you want to work on projects on a smaller scale. I’m going to show you just how easy it is to put together a memory keeping spread in a traveler’s notebook!

Easy memory keeping spread in a traveler's notebook

The combination of Paper House Productions products really helps to tie in layouts. You can truly create beautiful spreads just using a few different pieces!


One of my biggest tips for putting together memory keeping spreads is to use big elements! The serene and beautiful colors from the Color Washed Paper Pad were perfect for this spread. Flipping through the paper pad, my eyes were drawn to the blue and white paper. The way the gold foil elements are set up on the page meant that it had just enough decoration that I didn’t need to touch it. The quotes on the right page also came from the Color Washed Paper Pad. The “best is yet to come” quote felt perfect for this spread.

Using both my Xyron tape runner and 3″ sticker maker, I was able to get these pieces in quick and easy. To finish off my page on the left, I used a rounded corner punch to better fit the page.

Easy memory keeping spread in a traveler's notebook

The best truly is yet to come, but these little moments are pretty close to being the all time best.

Easy memory keeping spread in a traveler's notebook

To finish off this spread, I included some hexagon diecuts from a different sheet of paper from the Color Washed Paper Pad. They helped to balance out this spread some more and add a fun little focal element.

I hope that this inspired you to try out a memory keeping spread in your own traveler’s notebook! I know I definitely enjoyed putting this together. See you all next time!


Products Used: Nashville Journey Book Set, Color Washed Paper Pad, Xyron Tape Runner, Xyron 3″ Disposable Sticker Maker

Quick Ten Minute Planner Clips Using Washi Tape

Caitlyn Storm Circle

Hey, everyone! Hope you’ve had a wonderful start to spring so far! It’s Caitlyn back on the blog to show you how to make some really easy planner clips! Want to know how easy? They should take 10 minutes or less! Wow.

Planner clips are such an easy way to add personality to your planner. Those within the traveler’s notebook community truly take their planner clip game to the max. Often times you’ll see photographs of just the top part of their notebook, showing off all of the beautiful clips they’ve collected. The best part of these particular clips is how different you can make these – just by using washi tape!

Planner clips using washi tape


There are several steps to take to get to the point shown in the photograph above. The first step is to take thin cardboard, like from a cereal box. Once you have your chosen material, you can start to create your diecuts. Place strips of washi on your material in any order that you would like.

Depending on how you’re cutting your diecut, these next few steps will change. For this particular project, I used a stamp and diecut set. I stamped my design first and then moved along to cutting the diecut. It’s very important to line your diecut up with the stamp. If you’re not using a stamp you can proceed to just cutting the diecut.

Planner clips using washi tape

Now we can start assembling your clips. Take one of your die cut pieces and lay it face down, blank side up. Use your Xyron tape runner to apply adhesive to the bottom portion of your die cut. Then place your paper clip down on the adhesive.


Instead of using the tape runner for the other half of the clip, I used my Xyron Sticker Maker. Using Xyron’s Sticker Maker machine allows me to add adhesive to pieces quickly and accurately. To add adhesive place your element into the machine, keeping the design side up. Then you will pull the adhesive paper on the other side to help guide the object through the machine. The Sticker Maker helps you make sure that you have adhesive on the full design. This helps to create a nice seal on your two diecut pieces, making sure that your paperclip will stay in place.

Planner clips using washi tape

In this photo you can see the first clip completed. I very carefully matched the shape to the second diecut and then pressed the two pieces together, creating a sandwich. I then repeated this process two more times to put together the other two clips.

Planner clips using washi tape

Now you should have your completed planner clips! The total time from start to finish each clip was around 10 minutes, making this particular project not only easy, but fast.

I hope you all enjoyed this super easy project! I hope you all start to create your own planner clips to add to your planners.


Products Used: Pansies Washi Tape, Carole Shiber Polka Dotted, Soft Pink & Honeydew, Washi Tape Set, Gerbera Washi Tape Set,

Xyron & Paper House “We Are Family” Blog Hop – Day One


Welcome to the Paper House Productions Blog!  We’re thrilled to be teaming up with the talented team at Xyron this week! Both teams will be creating some beautiful family themed projects and sharing them here, on facebook, and all our social media outlets! We can’t have a fun Co-Hop and not give away a fabulous prize – be sure to check out all the details at the bottom of this post!  Now let’s get to Melinda and her creation:Xyron Paper House Productions Blog Hop Layout

Hello crafty friends!  Melinda here with you today. I am super excited to share the layout I created using the One Big Happy Family Collection!Here’s a look at my completed layout. I used papers from the One Big Happy Family Collection as well as adhesives from our friends at Xyron.

Layout Supplies: One Big Happy Family Collection,  Xyron Tape Runner, Xyron 3″ Sticker Maker, Xyron 1.5″ Sticker Maker

Here’s a closer look at the box pleat frame as well as the medallion. I used the Xyron 1.5″ Sticker maker and ran all of the strips through. This made pleating a cinch!

Here’s a closer look at the curtain pleat. I created it and then resized it so it would fit on my picture. I added a sticker flower from the cardstock sticker sheet that is included with the paper crafting kit. I used the Xyron 3″ sticker maker for the curtain pleat. Once again, running the paper through the sticker maker allows you to pleat the paper and have it hold perfectly!

Here’s a closer look at the fancy border frame. I created a wavy box pleat for this one. I also added some pearl stickers for a little extra accent.  The letters are also cardstock stickers from the cardstock sticker sheet included with the paper crafting kit. I love that it all coordinates perfectly!  I cut the pleats out of my Pazzles and then pre-folded them. Once I folded them, I flattened them back out and put them through the Sticker Maker.  I simply fed one after the other so as not to waste any of my sticker maker!

I am sharing the box pleat border cut file as a thank you for stopping by and joining in our hop! Be sure to pick it up while available!

box pleat border cf-650

Sorry, free link now expired.

As promised, we have a fabulous prize package to give away this week!

18622133_10155312016726639_8628348618891482347_nThe winner will receive a Xyron Mega Runner, The One Big Happy Family Collection, and the Click Flipalbum!  You can enter using the Rafflecopter Link below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to visit the Xyron Facebook Page all week long to check out what their team is creating and get in on their giveaway too!